This post from “musings on science” is an excellent resource about theistic evolution / evolutionary creationism. I’m reblogging it because it’s just such a great go-to guide on where to find more information on various topics associated with this issue.

Musings on Science and Theology

Brad Kramer had another thought-provoking post on his blog The Evolving Evangelicalat BioLogos this week. At the Evangelical Theological Society meeting earlier this month he and Jim Stump had the opportunity to ask those who stopped by their BioLogos booth what objections they had to the concept of evolutionary creation. The top five match fairly well with the responses that I’ve received on this blog over the last seven years and the comments that I’ve heard in other conversations. Brad’s five:

1. A plain reading of the Bible doesn’t allow for it.

2. Evolution makes it difficult to understand Adam, the Fall, and sin (and thus the work of Christ).

3. Micro-Evolution is fine, but Macro-Evolution is just an unproven, unscientific theory

4. Creation bears the marks of Intelligent Design, not blind, purposeless evolution

5. Evolution is driven by a secular, worldly agenda

You can read Brad’s thoughts on…

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