I was not raised in a christian home but somehow the Lord got me to say “Yes” to Him when I was 12 years old.  Being the first believer in my family, I knew I had to figure out which denomination or church to affiliate myself with for my posterity’s sake – so I asked the Lord, “Which church did You start?”

Therein began a long and exciting journey that I am still on today.  Except the question is no longer, “which church did You start?” as much as just keeping my eyes open for the Lamb wherever He goes.  Originally, I was going to call this blog “Among the Lampstands” because of how I have seen Him working to bring about His purposes in so many different movements in the body of Christ, but even that title seemed to consign me to only writing about movements and groups.  I want to write about so much more – not only how God is out to bless His people by what He has revealed to each one, or each group, but also how wide open the Kingdom is for us to take hold and run with Him.

In this blog I will discuss ideas and issues facing the global, national, and local body of Christ, but I will also simply discuss my own walk with the Lord – how He is showing Himself to me.  Because of all this variety, I chose this verse – “All things are yours.”  Indeed.

I also have a passion for debunking bad arguments for Christianity.   I don’t think Christians should wait for Atheists to point out where their arguments don’t hold water.   There might be things I write where my Christian friends are worried I’m tearing down the faith by demolishing bad arguments for it, but I think we owe it to the world to be honest and let God prove Himself in non-provable ways, rather than create false arguments for Him.

I’m charismatic progressive evangelical conserberal/libservative believer.   You can figure out what all that means as you read my thoughts and wanderings.

I dedicate this blog to the glory, honor, and praise of the One who writes my life even as I write this blog, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is Head of the Assembly.

Please note I have one rule for comments:  Comments that include respectful, insightful attempts to disagree or agree with me are welcome.   Comments that belittle, are disrespectful, or are in any way condescending will not be published.

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