Vibrations from the very roads we drive down are destroying our health.

light-567757_1280You see, every time you hit a small bump in the road, which you do thousands upon thousands of times each day, the vibrations are transmitted through the tires on your vehicle up into the passenger cabin.   These vibrations vary depending on the type of tires you have on your car, but regardless of how smooth the ride is, these vibrations are never completely canceled out.   Even if you don’t think you can feel the bumps in the road, they are measurable – and they are being transmitted through your body while you drive along, dozens of times per second.

massage-1015571_640Many people are aware that the energy flow in our bodies needs to be uninhibited and flow smoothly in order for us to be at our optimum health.  Some alternative health modalities such as chiropractic, acupunture, and applied kinesiology tap into this natural energy and try to help keep it in balance.

What people haven’t been told, however, is that energy works via frequencies.   And there is a pattern of disruption that is occurring to our natural energy frequency through the repeated vibrations coming up into our vehicles as our tires move across the road, which is far greater than any disruption from cell phone towers or electromagetism in our environment.

This road is obviously bumpy – but even “smooth” roads are constantly transmitting small bumps into the passengers in a car.

Tires bumping across a road causes disruptive harmonics in our bodies that open the door for plaque to accumulate in our arteries, cancers to grow, and even things like alzheimers and infections to run rampant in our body.

One frequency interfering with another frequency has a name – it is known as “interference.”   Frequencies form a pattern known as a wave – and it is well understood that the waveform of tires hitting the road is an altogether different waveform from the natural energy of our heartbeats, our brain rhythms, our entire body’s energy.

One wave interfering with the pattern of another wave frequency.

Walking is a very rhythmic pattern that fits perfectly with our bodys’ natural harmonic energies.    Biking, however, isn’t – while biking, one hits cracks in the road and bumps the same way that one does in an automobile.   The effect is small on a bike, however, due to the fact that the frequency of bumps is slower, and due to the fact that bike tire is both larger and skinnier than a car tire.   The larger size of a bike tire gives the body more time to recover from each bump, and the fact that the tire is not as wide means there is less surface area for the dangerous road bump frequencies to take hold on our bodies.  Most healthy people can recover easily from the energy disruption of bike riding.   But this is not the case on a motorcycle or automobile.

Trains, ironically, have similar issues.   The wheels on a train are very small, thus creating faster vibrations through passengers’ bodies.   Even though train tracks are generally much smoother than road surfaces, the smoothness of the train track ironically becomes the greatest problem of all, as the vibration from the few bumps here and there are actually registered by the body as much more *unnatural* and foreign to human experience than the more intense bumps on a road!   Metal, which the tracks are made of, are foreign to human bodies – metallurgy was only developed a few thousand years ago.

digital-art-420801_640Humans were not meant to travel by any means other than walking or boating.  (Boats absorb the natural energies from water, which is what all of our bodies are made of.)   Traveling is not natural to humanity and as long as we continue to travel by bus, train, automobile, or even horse and buggy, we will continue to suffer from what we have unfortunately come to consider “normal human ailments.”

These ailments are not normal.   It is traveling that is ruining our lives.

April Fools 🙂