My friend Mike just posted something that I enjoyed reading over on his blog. I figured this would be a good time to learn how trackback works…?

I am struck by the parallels between this example of Peter’s writing and what someone might experience during a Theophostic counseling session.  (Theophostic doesn’t generally work real well for me, but I know for many others it has been lifegiving.  )

Even without theophostic though, I think I like this blurb from Peter for at least two reasons –

  • His theological imagination seems to really tap into intimacy – heart to heart, with the Lord – with a deep appreciate for who He really is, and the divine connection that any encounter with Him brings
  • Have we not all at one time or another, envisioned ourselves into the story, knowing not what they knew, but what we know now, and played out a scenario in our heads?  Perhaps these imaginings take us to places of reality in our own hearts before the Lord, and are filled with more meaning than we realize.

Can’t wait to get the book and read it!